Principal's Message

Hello Eagle Families!

Welcome!  Welcome Eagles!  I am Breezi Erickson, your principal now for 5 years!!  I am super excited for this school year!  Communication and patience are the key as we open a school under COVID!!  Here’s a little fun video for all of us that need a laugh and to put this in perspective!  Enjoy!  I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT!
Please make sure you read in its entirety.  Below is some additional clarification on what the different learning options will look like for the 2020-21 and update procedures for the school year.  I hope this helps! 

Seminole Connect (SC) and the Bell Schedule:  SC Students will follow the bell schedule as normal. Each period the student is expected to log into their teacher’s Webex and their Ecampus page.  Log in information and directions will be on each teachers eCampus page. Students are expected to be in class on time and be fully engaged, just as if on campus. The bell schedule for this year was previously sent out and is attached to this email too. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period. Tardis and absences will count. When the class is over, the student has 4 minutes to use the restroom and log into their next classes Webex, just like a normal school day.

See this video on how to students can access SCPS Portal and other great information!!

Video Link:

Video Password: Ckmiy42M

Seminole Connect (SC) and Face to Face Students and Ecampus:   Students can view the teacher’s syllabus and a welcome back video on their eCampus page. We have streamlined all of our Ecampus courses this year so that the student and parent should be able to find all items in the same place in each course. I cannot stress enough the importance of Ecampus this year. When students are absent, they will be able to do all their assignments through Ecampus. Teachers will post the next week’s assignments and activities by 4:00PM on the Friday before. This will help students stay on track if they or the teacher is unable to show up to campus.  If a teacher is absent, they will send an email to your students letting them know of their absence and the day’s lesson (already posted on Ecampus).  Use this link to begin getting to understand Ecampus. Your child will have 7 different Ecampus courses, one for each of their periods.

Seminole Connect (SC) Students and Webex:  Along with Ecampus, Webex is VITAL for synchronous instruction through SC.  Students will be given a link to each of their 7 classes that are SC. This link is to the teacher’s webex for the class. Teachers will be teaching LIVE and bell to bell, just like if the SC student was in the classroom. Each teacher will have their own links and will share those on their Ecampus/syllabus. Each teacher will have a structure for how students at home can ask questions, collaborate and be fully involved in the classroom. This is a brand new way of teaching so your patience with our teachers and your student is going to be very important.

Seminole Connect (SC) Students and Textbooks:  Textbooks are available online through Clever. Your child’s teachers will help them navigate to find their textbooks. Physical textbook are not needed to fully participate in class.

SCVS Save My Seat:  SCVS should be reaching out to you and your student regarding the 2020-21 school year.  Please direct all questions regarding your student to SCVS at this time to  GLMS no longer has access to your student’s schedule.  The website for SCVS Save My Seat is

SCPS Family Support Website and Support Tile in eCampus:  Families and students have access to the SCPS Family Support website by either using this link: or when a parent/student log into eCampus, there is a tile titled Family Support.  This page was designed specifically to support SCVS Save My Seat and/or Hybrid students who need it.  GLMS is unable to answer SCVS questions.    

How to access Skyward Family Access?  If you need your password or to reset it, please visit and follow the prompts. If you would like to add your student’s number and/or edit your phone numbers please visit this link for directions:  All this information and more is found on the SCPS Parent Resource page  Remember this is the schools main form of communication!

Modified Schedule Pick-Up for NEW Students: I will open the campus for new students on Saturday, August 15th from 9 AM to 11 AM. I will be the only one on campus to unlock the gates. Families may look up their student schedule using the Skyward app and then walk around the campus to find room locations. Please understand no staff members will be around to answer questions. Utilize the schedule below in order minimize the number of people on campus at one time. I appreciate everyone utilizing the sidewalks and not walking on the newly planted grass.  You are required to wear a mask, and refrain from touching doorknobs and other items around campus. My goal in opening campus is strictly for new students to walk around and get to know their classes.  Doors will be locked promptly at 11:00am.  Please adhere to the following schedule for new students:

Time on campus

First letter of last name

9:00 am - 9:30 am


9:30am - 10:00 am


10:00 am - 10:30 am


10:30 am - 11:00 am

T -Z

Front Office Procedures: The Front Office is open by appointment. Parents may drop off confidential and nonconfidential items in the Lock Drop Box outside the Front Office at any time.  Parents can also pick up nonconfidential items outside the Front Office. Confidential items will be mailed home or picked up by appointment.  The Front Office will not accept any forgotten lunches, homework, or miscellaneous deliveries.  Red Apple Dining will gladly feed a student a standard lunch should they forget theirs.  Parents may manage their child’s lunch account at Late homework can be emailed to the teacher with an explanation.  Medication drop-offs are accepted.  Everything else is by appointment.

Student Check-In and Check-Out Procedures: Due to COVID, parents will check students in and out of school from the safety of their car. Once in the car line, parents will call the Front Office at 407-320-7650, signaling arrival.  Security questions will be asked and recorded to verify identity.  Students being dropped off should come in with a signed tardy note.  Parents may NOT call ahead to have students removed from class.  We simply do not have a waiting room.  

Student Attendance Procedures:  When absent, please email Mrs. Dalia Smith with either parent or doctor note to obtain an excused absence. Please send notes to  As a last resort, students may drop off attendance notes in the cafeteria during their lunch period. 10 parent notes will be accepted for the 2020-21 school year.  Doctor’s notes are required after the 10 days.

Parent-Teacher Conferences and Student Study Team Meetings Procedures:  All parent meetings will be conducted over the phone.  Parents may request a face to face meeting when absolutely necessary.  Appropriate documentation will be either sent home via student, emailed, or mailed home. Please call 407-320-7658 to set up a phone conference for either Tuesday or Thursday @ 8:30am.

Clinic Procedures:  There is currently a clinic and a separate COVID clinic.  Any student showing COVID-like symptoms will be cared for in the COVID clinic and a parent is required to pick them up immediately.  Students will NOT be allowed to ride the bus home if they are showing ANY COVID-like symptom.  I am requesting parents to keep their student home if there are even the slightest concerns.  Student will no longer be sent to the clinic for minor bumps and bruises.  Each teacher will utilize a “clinic in a bag” of minor supplies to handout to students.

From Transportation:  As we are getting closer to the start of the 2020-21 school year, parents are going to be inquiring about their child’s bus information. Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are all dealing with, we have made a few changes to how parents can obtain their child’s bus information.

All Information will be available beginning on August 10, 2020.

  1. SCPS Website (available 24/7) - 
  2. By email. Parents can feel free to email us at.
  3. Transportation Hotline:  (available August 10th – August 28th 7am – 7pm, 7 days a week) - 407-320-7588

PE Uniforms:  PE uniforms will be sold during class starting 8/18 or 8/19.  Students will need to bring $20.00 cash or check (made out to GLMS PE) for a set, or $10 each individual piece.  Students may also bring their own change of clothes.  We prefer dark bottoms and light tops.

Connect Students & Wi-Fi Issues:  If either the teacher or student has Wi-Fi issues during the day, students are to access the curriculum through eCampus.  In addition, students need to check their email for updates should a Connect teacher be absent for the day.  Connect teachers will send emails when they are absent so students may work independently.  Attendance for Connect students will be taken by the teacher each period when they log in for the lesson (on time, following our bell schedule) or through monitoring eCampus logins should a teacher be absent.

Masks: We follow SCPS School Board Policy requiring students to wear masks ALL day with some exceptions.  Please review this policy.  Please talk with your student about these requirements to ensure they are followed for the safety of all.  I will have extra masks for students who forget or need one.  Families who are concerned with the final School Board Mask requirements may change their Face to Face request to Connect by emailing their guidance counselor.  This is the only schedule change I will accept!  I am unable to make any additional schedule changes including electives! 

Planners 2020:  ALL students will receive a planner this year, just as in years past. For those not attending campus Face to Face, may pick up their planner when you pick up your computer.  Those not needing a computer, you may swing by the front office to pick up a planner.  Please call prior to coming and we will place it outside the Front Office for pickup. Everyone else will get there’s on Day 1 in 1st period.

Middle School Sports:  This year we will have Middle School Sports. The schedule has changed somewhat. We will start off with Cross Country and Track/Field, in the autumn, in that order. We will then have Volleyball and Basketball in the spring, in that order as well. Your student will need an updated physical to participate.

Classroom Supplies:  Teachers will post a class syllabus with critical information and a welcome message by Friday, August 14th on their eCampus page.  Please see the information above in item #4 for details on how to do this.  All SCPS students have accessed eCampus before and can show parents the information through their login if easier.  I do suggest that CONNECT students purchase headphones to pair with the Lenovo’s. Headphones with a microphone are even better and YES, Bluetooth ones worked when I tested them.

Student Drop-Off: Students may not be dropped off until 8:45am. There is no supervision prior to this time. I am requesting parents to drop off or student walkers/bikers to arrive as close to 9:15am as possible. The front gate by building 8 will be unlocked at 8:45am for student entrance. Skateboards are NOT permitted on campus!! 

Kid Zone:  Kid Zone is closed for semester 1.

Dress Code: Dress code will be followed. Please refer to SCPS Dress Code Policy for appropriate school shopping guidelines.

Additional SCPS Parent Information:  Please visit the SCPS Resource Page at for all SCPS parenting needs!!

Yearbooks: I have no additional yearbooks.  If you still have not picked up your yearbook, please email Mrs. Giust at  Please be patient with her contacting you back as she is now assisting with organizing all our computers for distribution.

More information to come on the following items: 9 weeks exams, PTSA, & SAC

I have never seen a start of a school year quite like this!!  It has been an amazing task to brainstorm, communicate, and organize over 100 employees, 1000 students, and families to make 4 different learning options work!  With that said, we have got this!  I am reminding ALL families regardless of the learning option you selected, to be gentle and understanding of the kinks we will continue to work out in our systems, from teaching to attendance.  There is nothing we cannot solve with patience and communication, whether it is with myself or my teachers/staff.  I promise you – we will address everything and work to fix it!  Again, with patience and communication we will have an AMAZING year during this CRAZY time!!  We are in this together!!  That is my motto for this year!!  You as GLMS family are in this with us!  WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!  So, let us push through as the EAGLE Family we are!!! 

Important Dates:

August 17th (Monday): First Day of School
September 1st (Tuesday): Picture Day (We will have a make-up day for returning students)
September 7th (Monday): School Closed – Labor Day
October 9th (Frida): End 1st Nine Weeks
October 12th (Monday): Start 2nd Nine Weeks
October 14th (Wednesday) Picture Day Make-Ups
November 23rd - 27th: Schools Closed
December 16th – 18th: Early Dismissal
December 18th (Friday): End 2nd Nine Weeks
December 21st – January 3rd: Schools Closed
January 4th (Monday): Start 3rd Nine Weeks
January 18th (Monday): Schools Closed
February 15th (Monday): Schools Closed
March 12th (Friday): End 3rd Nine Weeks
March 15th – 19th: Schools Closed/Spring Break
March 22nd (Monday): Start 4th Nine Weeks
May 24th – 26th: Early Dismissal
May 26th (Wednesday): End 4th Nine Weeks & Last Day of School

I am excited and thrilled for another successful school year! Make sure you visit our website , follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for more information.

As Always, Let’s SOAR Eagles!

Breezi Erickson