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2018-2019 GLMS Student Registration Tutorial

Welcome To MySchoolBucks

MySchoolBucks is our new Online Payment System for parents to pay for student activity fees, class/club dues, field trips, purchase PE uniforms, spirit wear, etc. MySchoolBucks by Heartland has been used by our Dining Services department for many years. And now it will be available for schools to use to give parents/students the ability to purchase products/services online. As a parent, you may already be registered to use MySchoolBucks if you have paid for student lunches online. If you are new to MySchoolBucks, simply click on the MySchoolBucks logo above which will take you to the MySchoolBucks log in screen. Click Sign up today to register. Once you are logged in or registered, click on SCHOOL STORE in the upper right menu bar, then Browse All Items. If you do not see products for your student’s school, simply contact the school to encourage them to setup products online.

GLMS News Channel

Check out some of the videos our Eagles produced this semester!


How to make a difference in your child's school

School volunteers are extra-special people who are committed to making schools the best they can be. They offer special attention and caring that can inspire students to reach for and realize their dreams. Through the 'Dividends' program, school volunteers can work at Greenwood Lakes and participate in activities that match their interests, such as assisting teachers in the classroom, designing bulletin boards, serving as computer tutors, working with art classes, helping out in the office or media center or even using your professional talents to mentor a group of students. Educators value the time and special talents of volunteers, and welcome them into the classroom.
Be a 'Dividends' volunteer and help Greenwood Lakes Eagles Soar to new heights!

Greenwood Twitter

Skyward Notification Center

Parents, Have you signed up for Family Access on Skyward yet? It's a great way to stay informed about school and your child's progress! See your child's grades posted in real time! Receive messages directly from Mrs. Erickson. Sign up at the front office!

School Grades

Links to School Accountability Reports, downloadable files on school and district performance outcomes, calculation guides and additional resources on school grades.

Dropped Off Items

It is important that students arrive at school prepared for the day. This includes having all materials when arriving at school. In an effort to meet the expectations of all students being prepared for class, we are asking that parents encourage their child(ren) to leave home with all materials needed for the day. Beginning January 1, 2016 GLMS will discontinue the policy of calling the students to the front office to retrieve items. I thank you for your support of this effort to prepare students for the academic success and high school expectations.

What's happening in my child’s classes?

Our New Digital Learning platform is HERE! LOGIN
SCPS provides the opportunity for you to observe your student within the district's Learning Management System known as eCampus. Remember, Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

To observe a student, you must know the student's eCampus username and password. The student must be enrolled in the course and must accept the course invitation before you can sign up to observe the student. If you receive an invalid username or password message during the signup process and the student's credentials are correct, check with the student to verify that he or she has received and accepted the course invitation. These steps must be completed through the web version of Canvas. The observer signup process cannot be done through the mobile app.

Please click the 'Sign up for eCampus' button below, choose the 'Parents sign up here' link, and fill in the appropriate information regarding yourself and your student.

Sign Up for eCampus

Free Lunch Benefits

Apply online for Free or Reduced breakfast and lunch price benefits. In addition, if your student qualifies they may be eligible for college application fee waivers PLUS… SAT and ACT registration fee waivers. CLICK HERE to apply.

Florida Standards Assessments Information

As many Floridians are aware, our state has been in a period of transition as we have made important decisions to improve our education system and raise the bar for our schools, educators and students. Please CLICK HERE for an overview of the direction we are moving in statewide assessments, which assessments will be offered in the upcoming school year, how those assessments will be offered and ways families can support their children in preparation for the new assessments.

We Need Your Help

In an effort to have better communication with you regarding activities and events happening at GLMS, it is imperative that we have your current contact information. If your information has changed, please notify the front office immediately.  This information includes your home address, phone numbers (home, cellular, work), email address and most importantly emergency contacts.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  We are a group of students who want to fellowship with other students who might share the same faith. FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes BUT it's NOT just for athletes, it's for everyone! Please join us. If your middle school student is looking for a way to meet other students, Look no further! FCA is the club. We play games, have fun and just fellowship with old/new friends. Youth leader Josh Allen from Markham Woods Presbyterian Church right here in Lake Mary joins us each week.
To find out more, visit the FCA website
or contact

FCA is not just for athletes. It's for everyone!

School Supply Store

     The GLMS PTSA has a new SCHOOL STORE. To make this the most successful store possible, we are asking for donations to help fill the shelves. The items of most importance are loose leaf paper (college and wide), mechanical pencils, lead (.05, .07, .09), pens, and highlighters. If you would like to help, but don’t like to shop, you may also donate gift cards or make a monetary donation. Please drop your donations off at the GLMS front desk Monday – Thursday 9am to 3pm. As always, we thank you for all your support! The PTSA would not be possible without the support of our GLMS families.

                                 School Store Supply List

Statewide Assessment Calendar

Please see the following link for statewide assessment information.
2017–2018 Uniform Statewide Assessment Calendar

GLMS 21st Century Learning Center

  The 21st CCLC program provides federal funding for the establishment of community learning centers that provide academic, artistic and cultural enrichment opportunities for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools, in order to meet state and local standards in core academic subjects such as reading, math and science. This program is also intended to offer students a broad array of activities and to include families and the community in the educational process. CLICK HERE

GLMS Reviews

“I asked my kiddo what he loved most about Greenwood.  He said, ‘the people.’  Great answer!!  I wholeheartedly agree.  The students, teachers, and faculty are the heart of the school.  Eddie is proud to be among them.  Everyone at Greenwood comes together as a community to help each other.  The small, familiar feel will be missed by our family.  Thanks for a great year.”  Jen Menello

“I most appreciate the teachers of GLMS.  I believe they want to offer our students opportunity and are willing to go the extra mile to make the classroom experience and learning material great. They are looking for ‘more,’ the latest material, and monitor their learning often.  I am proud of the classrooms themselves and our digital advancement.  Everywhere you look there are computers, devices, and digital learning opportunities.  Our TV Production is state of the art.  I am also proud that we offer a broad spectrum of electives that allow the students to expand their interests.  I am mostly proud that the image of Greenwood Lakes is moving in a positive direction.”  Michelle Grass

“The faculty is one of my most important reasons as why I’m proud of my daughter’s accomplishments as I feel that she has been provided with the best teachers in our community.  There are more than one that she will remember for the rest of her life, as she often mentions them during our family time or as we watch our favorite TV show; Jeopardy!  The teachers were always available during the classroom hours and after, to include the participation in local competitions and fairs.  I feel that they were dedicated to every student and extract the best out of each.  The way that Greenwood Lakes instill into the students the sense of ‘Patriotism’ as it commemorates two very important dates in our country, September 11 and honoring our Veterans on Veterans day.  I have enjoyed my participation and being a part of my daughter’s education as a member of the SAC this last three years and will miss the leadership and guidance provided to us during this tenure.  I’ll personally miss the friendships forged during this last three years, but we’re moving on to new pastures and continue our journey.  Soar Eagles!”  VR, Jorge Meza

Seminole County Digital Library

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